StudlyDog will investigate complaints of breeders on and pursue action if deemed necessary.


  • I will conform to any and all laws pertaining to dogs in my community.
  • I agree that all contracts or agreements between breeders and owners regarding stud services, sale of dogs and puppies, co-ownerships or co-breedings, guarantees regarding live litters, semen sales or other services should be put in writing for the protection of all involved parties.
  • I will be honest in any and all advertising that I may place for the promotion of my dogs, my breeding program, semen or my kennel.
  • I will strive to educate all interested owners or potential owners about the breed and its needs in order to foster responsible dog ownership.
  • To the extent that my abilities allow, I will honor all written contracts and/or guarantees. I understand that failure to do so risks expulsion from the Group.
  • I will maintain an environment of consistently high standards of care for all dogs owned by me.
  • I will provide high quality veterinary care for my dogs throughout their lifetimes, including euthanasia if/when it becomes necessary, recognizing that this is one of the responsibilities of dog ownership.
  • I agree that my dog(s) are my responsibility and should never end up in a shelter, if I cannot take care of my dogs I will do everything in my power to re-home the dog(s) so they do not end up in shelters.
  • I agree to follow recommendations set forth by StudlyDog such as microchip, DNA and health testing for all my dogs.
  • I agree that if I am a novice, I will consult the breeder of my dog or some other experienced breeder as to the quality of my dog before I consider producing a litter of puppies.


  • Sell, give away or otherwise transfer dogs to any pet shop, either on consignment or outright, nor will I transfer dogs to any medical facility, animal wholesaler, auction, or raffle.
  • Knowingly sell to unethical breeders or other persons whose intent to resell is known or suspect.
  • Falsify pedigrees, medical clearances or breeding information.


  • I will NOT breed any male owned by me without the actual registration paperwork in my name and in my possession.
  • StudlyDog recommends having my stud dog(s) micro chipped, health tested and DNA before breeding.
  • I will keep accurate records of all breeding’s and pedigrees.
  • I will use my dog only on those females I feel are an asset to the breed.
  • I will use my dog only on females that I believe to be temperamentally and structurally sound, and not affected with any serious disease or serious inheritable defect, are in good physical condition, and that are at least seven months (7) months of age and not over ten years (10).
  • I will personally supervise every breeding, keep other stud dogs away from the female, and use only the stud dog selected by the female’s owner.
  • I will insist that all details concerning the mating be agreed upon before the mating takes place and recognize that all such details are best written down in a signed contract for the protection of both parties. I will also supply a signed Stud Service Certificate to the owner of the female at the time of mating.
  • I will allow one free return service by the same dog to the same female if the female does not conceive or does not produce a viable litter, so long as I still own the dog.
  • I will sign the litter registration form when it is presented to me by the female’s owner but only after the litter is on the ground.
  • If I am asked, I will do my best to assist the owner of the female in placing puppies resulting from a mating with my dog.


  • For each puppy or dog transferred by me, I will provide the following:
  • Full identification of the dog including the registered name and number(s) of the sire and dam, the litter registration number(s) or the individual registered name and number(s) of the dog if available, a written pedigree documenting at least three (3) generations, a complete written medical history including a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, information on any vaccinations and deworming still due and their approximate due dates.
  • I will not allow any puppy to permanently leave my premises before the age of eight (8) weeks
  • StudlyDog recommends having any puppy that leaves my premises to be micro chipped or require new owners to have it done.
  • I agree to have a contract for every dog that leaves my premises.
  • StudlyDog strongly suggests to all owners that they have their dogs DNA’d, micro chipped and health tested- it is not required or mandatory yet but could be in the future.


  • Follow best practices in regards to collection and transfer of semen.
  • Follow all laws in accordance with state, local and federal regulations.
  • Facilitate appropriate contracts.
  • Studlydog STRONGLY encourages Brucella testing.
  • Provide a DNA profile in accordance with AKC registration.
  • When breeding to a foreign stud dog, using imported semen, importing a stud dog or importing a bitch in whelp: a. Foreign stud dogs used for breeding will have passing health certifications customary for his homeland.; b. Imported semen will come from a male who has passing health certifications customary for his homeland. A passing health certificate will be maintained by the importer.; c. An imported stud dog will have passing health certifications customary for his homeland.  In the event his country of origin certifies hips only, he will not be used for breeding until his health checks are completed.; d. A foreign bitch imported into the United States in whelp will arrive with passing health certifications customary for her homeland. If bred again domestically, her health checks should be completed.; e. Proof of documentation will be available.
  • When using domestic frozen semen: I will only use frozen semen from dogs that have had their health checks completed at the time of collection.
  • For frozen semen from deceased dogs, health checks within 18 months of the date of death, or status that was in compliance with the Code of Ethics in effect at the time of the dog’s death will be considered current.


  • I agree to maintain good standards of health, nutrition and care for my dogs, including proper veterinary care


  • To maintain a formal relationship with a licensed veterinarian and ensure every dog receives at least one annual physical examination. Maintain a written Program of Veterinarian Care (PVC) established by a veterinarian that covers all in-kennel procedures, preventatives, vaccinations and dewormings.
  • To ensure all surgical procedures and euthanasia are performed by my licensed attending veterinarian.
  • To follow best practices of the AVMA and my licensed attending veterinarian for breeding frequency and retirement age of Sires and Dams.
  • Provide every puppy a thorough exam before travel.


  • To provide every dog with daily protected access to fresh air, food and water, weather permitting, unless nursing a juvenile.
  • To provide all dogs a living space that is at least three times the space required by the Animal Welfare Act.
  • To provide every adult dog flooring that is appropriate for the breed and size of the dog and continual access to solid flooring. There shall be no use of wire flooring.
  • To maintain indoor kennel temperatures between 45-85 degrees and primary outdoor spaces must have appropriate shade and protection from the elements.
  • To provide an appropriate nursery type area for puppies to be born and raised until weaned.


  • To house all dogs with compatible kennel mates and provide socialization with their human caretakers.
  • To provide all dogs with daily enrichment in the form of treats and/or toys and/or environmental diversity.
  • To provide every dog daily access to space to reach a full running stride.
  • To work closely with individuals or institutions on a retirement program for retired Sires and Dams.


  • To provide every puppy with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for travel.
  • To provide every puppy in transport with a temperature-controlled environment with continuous access to food and water.
  • Travel arrangements/costs agreed upon in advance in writing.